It’s never too late to study abroad. If you like sunny skies, ocean views and a diverse cultural environment, spending 12 to 15 months getting a master’s degree at Aims Broadway college in Sydney, Australia, is a great way to further your education.

Studying in Sydney offers a fresh, laid-back atmosphere in a city that caters to the traveling student. In addition to having a low crime rate, Sydney’s currency rate makes the tuition much more affordable for U.S. students.

Find out why Aims Broadway, part of the Group Colleges family, is an excellent place to study by checking out some of the benefits below.


Searching for off-campus housing can be a huge headache, especially when studying overseas; however, Aims Broadway can make finding a place to call home both easy and affordable. After viewing the Group Colleges Web site, students have access to Australian housing located within minutes of the college. Additionally, Aims Broadway can offer help in finding students both short-term and long-term accommodations even before they arrive at the college.

Unlike the traditional on-campus dormitory system common to students studying in the United States, Sydney offers students options such as:



-Houses for rent


-Home stays with Australian families

Career Guidance

There is nothing better to accompany your master’s degree than an overseas work experience, and Aims Broadway student services department is the perfect place to start your job search because it offers helpful assistance in obtaining work permits for overseas students. By accessing the Group Colleges Web site or walking to the ground floor of the Aims Broadway building, students are introduced to a list of Australian job banks, recruiting agencies and local newspapers like the Sydney Morning Herald. Other career resources consist of:

-Career counseling

-Job search assistance

-Internet access

-Interview skills

-Resume writing

Finally, there is the realistic opportunity to stay in Australia after graduation and be sponsored by an Australian-based company.


Aims Broadway and other branches of the Group Colleges network are centrally located within the metropolitan center of Sydney. All students have to do is look out their classroom window, and the sightseeing begins. Sydney offers the best of both the suburbs and city life with many of Australia’s most famous landmarks situated within walking distance of Aims Broadway.

But what about students living on a tight college budget? The best part is that most landmarks are free or affordable to visit, making it possible to fully explore one of the last great frontiers. Nearby sites include:

-Bondi Beach

-Sydney Tower

-Sydney Harbour Bridge

-Chinese Gardens

-Kangaroo Valley

Excursions, Social Events and Nightlife

When it’s time to take a break from preparing your thesis for the Aims Broadway master’s program or to celebrate a high score on a college exam, students can turn to Group Colleges’ prearranged excursions for a little fun in the sun.

Taking advantage of Sydney’s breathtaking city views, social events such as barbecues and dance parties are held on the rooftop of the Aims Broadway building. Interested in hanging out after hours? Sydney offers several clubs, bars and cafes featuring live music from both local and international musicians. Aside from the social benefits, those studying abroad have the opportunity to make valuable future contacts with individuals from around the world.

Students also have the option of creating tailor-made tours of the country. Excursions planned by Aims Broadway may include:

-Skiing in the Snowy Mountains

-Learning to surf weekends

-Whale watching at Port Stephens

-Bushwalking in the Blue Mountains

-Hunter Valley wine tasting tours


If you’re afraid you might miss out on making friends by studying abroad, don’t panic. Living in a major cosmopolitan city with a population of about four million people makes it easy to mingle. Aims Broadway is located within a short walking distance of three other major colleges, including Sydney University, making it a sure thing that you’ll bump into fellow students and new friends at local cafes and hot spots.


Australia’s weather alone creates a unique experience for overseas travelers, with the seasons being opposite of those in the U.S. – Australian winter months are June through August and the summer months fall between December and February. In fact, depending on the location, some states don’t even have a winter, making Australia perfect for outdoor adventures! When students decide to explore outside of their Sydney neighborhood, they’ll find a wide variety of scenery, from wildlife to a skyline of high rises, all within a country surrounded by beaches and mountains.

Food and Transportation

Sydney is fully equipped with convenient and low-cost transportation. Trains, ferries, taxis and more are available to transport students to almost any destination they choose.

When dining out, students can opt for American fast food favorites like Burger King or Kentucky Fried Chicken. For those looking for a little overseas flavor, Aims Broadway is conveniently located near a wide selection of cafes, restaurants and supermarkets serving authentic food from around the globe.

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