The main theme of Nina’s Heavenly Delights is the concept that the recipe is not as important as cooking from the heart. It’s a shame, though, that the filmmakers seemed not to take their own advice in what turns out to be an extremely formulaic – although admittedly enjoyable – story of an Indian woman who returns home for her father’s funeral only to find out that his restaurant is being sold. Even the lesbian relationship that blossoms while she’s trying to fulfill her father’s dream of winning the Indian cooking competition comes out bland and lacking any real heart.

The spice that truly saves this film is Bobbi, Nina’s flamboyantly gay friend who breaks into song and belly dances whenever possible. Otherwise, it’s still a pleasant movie for those who don’t want too complicated a film. In other words, a good date movie.

Grade: C

Nina’s Heavenly Delights releases in select theaters Nov. 21.