So what do you do when it’s 9 a.m., you’ve already smoked a couple bowls, unknowingly eaten 12 “special” cupcakes that belonged to your roommate, have a big audition you can’t miss and have to pay the power bill before your lights shut off? You come up with a plan. Which is exactly what Jane (Anna Faris) does after getting herself into this “elevated” predicament in director Gregg Araki’s latest film, Smiley Face.

Following Jane on her dazed adventure brings us in contact with a tatted-up and dread-locked pot dealer (Adam Brody), her somewhat strange roommate (Danny Masterson), his friend and secret admirer of Jane’s (John Krasinski) and two random meat delivery drivers (John Cho and Danny Trejo).

Araki seems to be attempting to flex his directorial muscles with this film, especially when considering it comes off his last feature, the serious drama Mysterious Skin. It feels similar to Harold & Kumar – note the cameo by Harold himself – and it’s entertaining enough.

Faris does a hilarious job acting like a stoner, but in the end it just leaves you asking, “Haven’t I seen this before?”

Grade: B-

Smiley Face is currently at Landmark’s Nuart Theatre through Nov. 22.