Eda and Betty Heirloom Couture – $75 and up

These are one-of-a kind necklaces inspired by the designer’s grandmothers’ jewelry collection. Made with vintage hardware, beads and chandelier crystals, it will be a sparkling gift for your grandmother as well.

Edible Arrangements – $25 and up

Fruitful bouquets can be a real delight. A variety of fruit baskets to choose from.

Flote Recycled Leather Clutch – $110

Made from recycled leather, these clutches are sleek and sophisticated for that night out on the town, but the coolest part is that you’ll receive 50 percent off any purchase and free ground shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. with the promo code: CAMPCIR.

High Wall Curio/Jewelry Mirror – $199.99

Is this not the best thing ever? It’s not only a 48-inch mirror, but once you open it, the mirror becomes a place to store your jewelry too.

Lowd Suga’

Boutique jewelry made by designers Heidi and Ari come in a wide range of necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Reactor Watches – $150 and up

These are stylish and affordable watches, and best of all. they’re waterproof. They come in many different styles for men and women.

Sephra – Elite Chocolate Fountain in Deep Metallic Cherry – $199.99

A fondue can really come in handy when hosting a party.


Bag, Borrow or Steal – $25 and up

When in need of a Louis Vuitton, Coach or Fendi handbag for an occasion or two, why not borrow instead of buy? Get your loved one a gift card and make her a very happy lady.

Hot Topic T-Shirts – $3.99 and up

The Japanese-inspired Pikachu and Pokémon collections are going to be hot items this holiday season at Hot Topic.

Polkadot Moccasin Slipper – $16

These are some of the cutest slippers to date, and comfy too.

Poplin with Plush Blankets – $38

Winter is just around the corner, so these blankets by designer Stacy McCallum will come in handy for your kid sister.

Surfer Chick Collection – $4 and up

Scented skin and hair care products from the Wild Woozle Soap Company are great for those who always find themselves at the beach or in the sun.


Anthology Recordings – $0.98 and up

A hub for tunes that were either out of print, unreleased or mostly never heard on CD, this site is a treasure trove of undiscovered or long forgotten classics. This can prove to be a great digital gift for the avid music fan.

Begin Now Kit for Polaroids – $139.95

This kit is perfect for anyone who wishes to capture memories in a snap. It comes with a Polaroid One 600 Ultra camera, two packs of film and an album that comes in one of several colors. The albums are beautifully covered in custom dyed Japanese fabric and frame the Polaroid pictures so that people can write messages or comments around the photos.

Flip Video Ultra Series - $149.99 and up

Tired of all those confusing buttons on the camcorder? The Flip Video Ultra Series makes recording memories simple and fun. Easy and quick, this is ideal for on-the-fly videotaping for videos up to 30 minutes and 60 minutes in length.

Notion Protégé Music Notation Software – $69.99

Compose a piece and conduct an orchestra! Protégé is music software that samples sounds recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra. With many realistic instruments and the ability to write for up to eight instruments, it’s easy to recreate the classy sound that one would find at Disney Hall on the computer.

Reactor Graviton Watch – $275-$300

For anyone who likes surfing, the Graviton watch provides tide information on up to 275 tide locations. Off the beach, the watch easily switches over to a digital clock for normal use. Watches come with silver chain or leather strap.


Blue Snowball USB Microphone – $99.99 and up

This USB microphone is not only easy to use, but it sounds great as well. Just plug it into a Mac or PC and start playing. The mic can pick up a wide range of volumes and sounds, making it ideal for recording, podcasting, or talking with a friend over Skype. With the amount of detail the Snowball can capture, this is a way to produce professional sounds for only a fraction of the price.

Busted Tees – $9.99 and up

Get some laughs and some fun out of these clever tees and hoodies. With puns, visual gags and sometimes downright edginess, these shirts are sure to bring a smile to anyone within sight.

Ear Force D2 Stereo Headphones – $19.95

Forget the tinny speakers of the Nintendo DS Lite – these headphones will maximize the sound quality of your gaming experience. Also, a microphone is attached as well, so you can easily perform any of the innovative voice and breath functions of the DS. Comfortable, adjustable and available in various colors, these headphones are a must-have for anybody with a Nintendo DS Lite.

Flight of the Conchords Merchandise – $4.99 and up

The quirky folk-parody duo from New Zealand, Flight of the Conchords, is no longer exclusive to HBO – they can now be seen on your mug, your shirts and your walls. With a wide range of merchandise available, along with their self-titled EP and the DVD of their hilarious first season, this is the chance to find that offbeat gift for the holidays.

iLuv – I189 Stereo Speaker with iPod Dock – $49.99

Sleek and compact speakers with a universal iPod dock that holds it in place. Also offers 3D surround sound and an AUX stereo input jack for any MP3 player. Let everyone hear the exorbitant number of songs on your iPod without paying an exorbitant fee.

Olympus WS-110 Digital Voice Recorder – $79.99

The Olympus WS-110 is both a voice recorder and a USB storage device, allowing you to record up to 69 hours of audio or store documents and video to easily upload to the computer. Simply plug it in and the files are ready to listen in the accessible WMA format. It’s slim, stylish and easy to use – basically, it’s a great way to make sure he always remembers what you tell him.

OTTO Digital Gaming Headset – $49.95

For more hardcore gamers, the OTTO Digital Gaming Headset allows gamers to immerse themselves in the experience by hearing every detail, so that every shot, punch and scream becomes extremely clear. The neodymium speakers and noise-canceling microphone result in optimal gaming for both casual and hardcore gamers.

OTTO Isolating Ear Buds – $69.95

These ear buds feature a noise-isolating design for incredible audio quality. Not only are the buds durable (made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum!), but they also come in various colors and sizes for the perfect fit for your ears. Music and movies are meant to be enjoyed, and with these ear buds, they can be experienced at their true potential.

Planon Docupen RC800 – $299.99

This scanner can scan and store up to 100 pages of full color at four seconds a page. The best part is that it only weighs two ounces and is only eight inches long, making this the smallest full-page portable color scanner.

Sequel Software – $99.99

You don’t need music-making experience in order to serve up some head-bobbing originality. This program makes it easy and fun to create music through the use of tons of audio loops, instrument sounds and effects. Create your own brand of music with samples from genres such as hip-hop, R&B, dance, electronic and pop.


Earthworks Bath Truffles ($30)

These should be great to enhance your bath experience.

Le Compagnie de Provence (

Duckie Soap ($7.50)

While children play with their rubber duckies in the bath, the adults can have scented soap.

Hand Cream ($4)

Silky hand cream comes in a variety of colors.

Pure Shea Butter Bar Soaps ($2.75)

This soap will leave your special someone with gentle, soft and moisturized skin.

Shower Gel ($4)

Comprised of pure vegetable ingredients, this natural shower gel doesn’t include coloring agents or animal fats.

Spongellé (

Pedi-Buffer ($10)

Perfect for pedicures!