Matt Verta-Ray (Speedball Baby) and Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion) ramped up the reverb and tripled the treble during their finger-snapping, foot-stomping performance. As the straightforward Heavy Trash, Spencer and Verta-Ray tossed out an amalgam of pumped up blues, rootsy rock ’n’ roll and rugged ’60s rock.

Spencer, the consummate frontman, exuded rockabilly sexuality and abandonment that had even straight guys screaming, while women shook their hips and shouted for more. Danish garage rockers PowerSolo proved to be the wrecking ball Verta-Ray and Spencer needed to continually charge up the evening.

But it was Spencer’s bravado and seemingly sincere anecdotes that had the crowd in his hip pocket, particularly during an extended version of Johnny Cash-esque “That Ain’t Right,” (from their new album Going Way Out), which transformed from a revenge narrative into a reality-slap upside Spencer’s ego. Other highlights included potent tribute “They Were Kings,” Gene Vincent- inspired “Dark Hair’d Rider,” as well as nods to classic blues and even the Rolling Stones “Satisfaction,” demonstrating Spencer imbibes in musical nourishment wherever he finds it.