We’ve all been there – a night of heavy partying turns you into a camera-happy lush. But amidst snapping pictures capturing the night’s bacchanalia, you lose your camera, ergo a night of sulking and regret.

While partying is most of the time fun, there are always those tribulations we need to be wary of: the pressure to entertain bored guests, lost or stolen cameras, friends annoying you to take pictures of them hitting the beer bong.

Photographer Brian Miller may have found the perfect solution.

“At a party at my house my friends were begging me to take their photos in my studio. I didn’t want to deal with taking pictures of them because I was entertaining, so I set my camera up to take a picture every five seconds,” he explains.

“It turned out that without me around, my friends were more inclined to be silly, jumping in front of the camera and making funny faces. The next morning I realized what I had stumbled upon and began to figure out how to make the idea portable.”

And that’s how L.A. Photo Party was born.

As the newest and most innovative way to take party photos, the mobile photo studio has become the unique way to throw an off-the-hook party, and a sensible way too – it’s convenient, fun and you’ll never have to worry about losing your camera or getting it stolen again!

With just a simple white seamless backdrop, four lights, two umbrellas, a computer, a printer and Miller’s enthusiastic crew, it combines “the immediacy of a photo booth” with “the feel of a professional shoot” that’s nothing like taking a geeky yearbook photo.

The camera snaps photos every five seconds and prints them instantly, as party revelers strike their best poses and become instant models.

“This gives guests a chance to bring out your inner fun and silly model side,” says Stephy S., Los Angeles Yelp’s Marketing Guru and LAPP customer. “They are masters at their craft and dammit, they made me look awesome in almost every shot, and that takes talent!” she laughs.

Most recently L.A. Photo Party was used for her über-popular Web site Yelp.com at their Yelpoween Halloween event.

“They were able to really get the fun started,” raves Stephy S. “There were people leaping in the air, posing in, um, shall we say, oh so fun and naughty ways, there were loving couple shots, dorky shots and everything in between.”

“People love to get silly and that is what we are all about,” says Miller. “From 50th birthday parties to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, we give people the OK to get crazy.”

More important, it encourages even the most antisocial to party like rock stars. “They were able to bring total wallflowers out of their shells,” Stephy insists.

Though it already has an impressive clientele list that includes Bravo Television Network, Sony and 944 Magazine, the traveling studio caters to everyone, and even the most unlikely of events.

“We have photographed transvestites at private parties in Beverly Hills mansions. We have also had groups of crazy 16 year-old girls stacked six tiers high in a human pyramid for a sweet 16.”

Ambitious creator Miller, who is only 25-years-old and is also a graphic-designer/marketing coordinator/accountant as well as a ninth grade biology teacher, already has big plans for his baby.

“I am hoping to begin franchising L.A. Photo Party around the country – who knows, maybe the world ... universe? Mars Photo Party has a nice ring to it,” he jokes.

Yet he still has time to party, and working at L.A. Photo Party leaves no dearth of salacious, tasteless debauchery. “There was a dude on Halloween that was dressed as a donkey with a giant paper mache penis – we had to take those photos off of the Web site,” Miller recalls.

OK, we get it. L.A. Photo Party is crazy-fun and will take over the universe. But isn’t there anything they WON’T allow, such as gratuitous nudity and just plain sloshed stupidity? “Uh ... no way dude,” Miller assures.

Bring it on.

For more information, call (310) 997-0019 or visit www.laphotoparty.com.