Reading and writing are essential to everyday life, and unfortunately, there are more than a few people in this world who lack the educational luxuries. Afghanistan is a prime example of this illiterate misfortune.

Only 28 percent of Afghanistan’s population is able to read and write, thus leaving the rest of the country’s population at an educational disgrace. What’s more, Pakistan isn’t any better, with a mere 1.8 percent of rural schools and 9.8 percent of urban schools equipped with substantial books.

Relief International, an organization that helps aid countries all over the world by providing shelter, education, food and community development are working to raise the low literacy rates in Afghanistan by providing books and libraries. To make this possible they, along with Participant Productions, will host a benefit pre-screening of The Kite Runner, based on Khaled Hosseni’s novel, at the UCLA James Bridges Theater.

This event will help raise funds for Relief International’s Libraries in Afghanistan and Pakistan Program, which provides substantial literature to 600,000 students and adults, allowing them a chance to reach higher educational standards.

Relief International has launched 350 libraries throughout Afghanistan. The Relief International Afghan Libraries Program has given literacy training to more than 16,000 women and business training to an additional 4,000 women.

The Kite Runner is a heartfelt story of two boys living in the war-torn country of Kabul who befriend each other. After one of the boys flees the country with his father, he remains haunted by his past life in Kabul, so 20 years later he returns to try and make things right. Not only is this story true to the wars in Afghanistan, but it awakens the reader to the country’s political chaos.

James Bridges Theater is located at UCLA, Melnitz 1409. For more information, visit The Kite Runner releases in select theaters Dec. 14.