I have mixed feelings about Kyle Andrews’ new CD, Find Love, Let Go. Having already listened to the seven-song album five times, I neither love it nor hate it, but was surprised that it began to grow on me the more I listened.

Plus, any album with such a meager song list would make me feel cheated out of a full album, considering the cost. Anyhoo…

Can someone tell me what “Acepilladora” means? That’s the name of the final song, which, along with “Bat Fangs,” I didn’t care for.

The title track is also a little too John Mayer. However, the shining star of the album is “Lackluster Love,” a somber, soulful acoustic piece.

The Chicago native proves he is talented – a solo artist performing vocals, guitars, beats, synths and piano for all but three of the tracks. Andrews doesn’t have the best voice, nor does he create the most exciting melodies, but there is a certain authenticity to his music that makes it appealing.

Grade: B-

Find Love, Let Go is currently available.