To be honest, Axe Riverboy (real name: Xavier Boyer) is not the type of artist I usually rock out to. His slow, smooth, windswept, high-pitched sunshine music is for carefree lovers – not the style I’d hoped to encounter in a Parisian musician.

Give me the drowning-in-alcohol cool of ’70s Gainsbourg, or maybe some I-might-slit-my-wrists-tonight brooding from Jacques Brel … even the nouvelle vague Lolita pop of France Gall. But sunshine solos and happy melodies? From Paris?

Now, to be fair to Axe Riverboy, I’ll admit that my desire to hear something more nihilistic nonchalant, moping melancholic or lollipop lovely may come from the fact that I’m currently on sabbatical from the ideas of love and relationship bliss. Perhaps that’s why Tu Tu to Tango makes me feel like I’m vacationing on the wrong island during rainy season.

What I do love about this album is the title, Tu Tu To Tango. “Roundabout,” the song that includes the lyrics “Cos baby it takes tu tu to tango,” however, comes off as somewhat generic and lacking in sincere emotion.

I hear he’s quite popular in Japan, though, so who am I to say differently? It’s totally me, Axe Riverboy, not you.

Grade: C

Tu Tu to Tango is currently available.