If anything can be said about the Swedish power duo known as Johnossi, it is that they excel at creating catchy hooks and rhythms. Their self-titled debut album is filled with songs that grab you with pounding drums, rocking guitar and soulful vocals.

Songs like “Men Must Dance” and “There’s a Lot of Things to Do Before You Die” will sweep you up and quickly have you trying to sing along. Unfortunately, the band’s weak point seems to lie in finding places to go with those hooks and rhythms.

Songs that get your body moving, like “Rescue Team,” and those that tug at you, like “Family Values,” do a good job of pulling you into the song, but by the third time you’ve heard a musical phrase, you’ll be tempted to press the Next button. All this aside, the album is still worth a listen.

Grade: C

Johnossi is currently available.