Evanescence has played plenty of shows in Los Angeles, but it’s been a while since they headlined and even longer since they indulged in a little bit of fan service. And since there’s no such thing as a fair-weather Evanescence fan, both old and new additions to the goth metal act’s cult following would get what they came for.

Opening band Sick Puppies were a bit of an odd stylistic match-up for Evanescence, but the Australian-bred L.A. transplants brought a youthful intensity to the show that provided a balancing contrast to its headliner. Though a bit more simplistic in its approach to riff-heavy rock, the band showed that it was the perfect opening act by balancing its shredding with an emotional genuineness.

Evanescence then took stage in their usual thunderous manner, frontwoman Amy Lee taking immediate ownership over her audience, as she usually does. From hard rocking tracks “Sweet Sacrifice” and “Whisper” to the softer, more melodic singles “Good Enough” and “My Immortal,” Lee put on a dynamic theatrical performance, but truly shined when she let loose the extremes of her vocal range.

As showcased in the old school, pre-Fallen track “Understanding” during the band’s encore, Lee is the undisputed top female vocalist of rock, mastering both delicate vulnerability and a powerful command within each of her songs. If only she would put more effort into interacting with the rest of her band, especially the newer members, to make their presence seem a little more natural, her band would have the proverbial full package.

Even with a longer set list than it had on Family Values or its previous headlining tour, the band still left me wanting, despite a respectable job of rotating songs from its entire body of work into its set lists. Though it only has two major album releases out, the band still has a plethora of material from which to form sets, with even lesser known songs having a cross section of fans that would give up liquid eyeliner entirely to hear them live. Maybe therein lies the secret to the band’s longevity, leave us wanting more without giving less.