The Norwegian singer/songwriter walked onto the small Troubadour stage brimming with enthusiasm. The energy seeped into spectacular solo renditions of his songs. He even managed to be spot on when it came to renditions of songs he normally performs with his band, the Faces Down.

Lerche mostly played songs from his Phantom Punch album, along with the occasional song from his three other albums and the Dan in Real Life soundtrack. Though it would’ve been nice to hear some of his older material, Lerche’s newer stuff didn’t disappoint.

His voice sounds better live than it does on CD (it still sounds good on CD); without the studio walls, he sings with more depth and expression on the stage. Between songs, Lerche would talk a little, and these little snippets added humor and charm to the night.

One particular highlight: singing the duet “Modern Nature” with the audience – the crowd knew every entrance and word. It was beautiful.