To paraphrase the disclaimer given at the start of this video, "Don’t try this at home!" Thrills, Spills and Chills, while showing some amazing feats, is mostly a blooper reel of crashes. Have you ever seen a skier do a loop on a snow pipe or a snowboarder slide 30 feet up the roof of an A-frame chalet that has no snow on it? The two stunts are jaw-dropping, along with a shot of an inline skater grinding down the hand rail of a long, terraced stairwell.

But the fun mostly comes from watching the unsuccessful riders bite the dust. Snowmobiles bust into pieces and skateboards fly into cameramen’s faces; dirt jumps go awry and even host James "Bubba" Chiasson falls on his butt from his motorbike. Clearly people get hurt, but thankfully the video only shows those who suffer minor cuts and bruises or, in one case, tooth loss.

The show is very fast paced and well edited, and definitely delivers as promised in the "thrills" category. The background music is well chosen too, furnished by the likes of Cell Dweller, The God Awfuls, 1208, Blood of Abraham and Matchbook Romance. The riders remain anonymous, mostly with good cause.

Grade: A