Czar Nicholas (Xander Berkeley, “24”) and Kaiser Wilhelm (Kurt Fuller, Anger Management, Scary Movie) confront foreign dignitaries and each other, including the Austrian foreign minister (Timothy Omundson, “Judging Amy”) in David Rock’s black comedy, “Grand Delusion.”

The play is about a secret meeting of world leaders in 1914, on the cusp of the First World War. The world is on the brink of chaos, while millions of lives hang in the balance.

Rock is assuring audiences an absurdist view on the events leading up to the Great War (obviously it wasn’t called World War I back in the day, because no one realized that there would be another). The play combines some bizarre twists and fantastic characters; the ghost of Edward VII and a talking wildebeest are among the supporting characters of this offbeat dark comedy.

Director Larry Biederman (“Dark Rapture,” “Crumble,” “Big Death and Little Death” and head of Directing at Cal State, Fullerton) promises a wild ride filled with intrigue, deception, a poisoned creamer, oral herpes and gingerbread cookies, summing up a surreal view on war and politics (in case the current war in Iraq isn’t surreal enough). The Lost Studio is located at 130 South La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles. Show times: Fri & Sat, 8 p.m.; Sun, 4 p.m. Tickets: $20. For more information, visit