Don’t let the use of the Italian language in the title fool you; Sesso.Vita translates to mean “sex/life.” So guess what these songs are about?

But the love and lust here is much more sophisticated than “ooh baby, baby;” “Bed,” “Exfantasy” and “Perfume Has Expired” tell their tales through tumbles of drums, guitars that slash first and ask questions later and words that sometimes hide behind all the hoopla. In short, these are musical versions of the kinds of conversations and confrontations that never get you anywhere in a relationship.

Titles like “100 Rumors” and “Keep it Discrete” hint at the accruing frustration that eventually finds its nadir on “Trashy Janitor” wherein the song’s namesake can’t resist a parting shot of “you never had it so good!” If you must go down in flames you might as well do it eloquently; here’s your soundtrack.

Grade: B

Sesso.Vita is currently available.