The best part about this slow moving but sweet, foreign-focused flick is Dina (Ronit Elkabetz), the owner of a small café in a wee town in the middle of nowhere in the Israeli desert. She’s friendly but guarded, open yet cynical and despite seeming isolated from mainstream culture, surprisingly hip and sexy.

Audiences can’t help but smile as she attempts to subtly seduce Tewfiq (Sasson Gabai), the conductor of the Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra, who has mistakenly stumbled with his crew into her eatery. Tewfiq is reluctant, and the power play Dina makes at the end of the night is jarring yet predictable.

In Hebrew, Arabic and English with English subtitles, this is one movie you have to be in the mood to appreciate. The action creeps along and the dialogue is often awkward yet appropriately real as you watch these characters unravel before your eyes.

Grade: B-

The Band’s Visit releases Dec. 7 for one week at Laemmle Music Hall and nationwide on Feb. 8, 2008.