Coming straight out of Hollywood is LMFAO, comprised of members Redfoo and Sky Blu. Playing together since April of 2007, they have rapidly taken over the nightclub scene with their techno driven hip-hop.

Although a duo for such a short amount of time, they’ve made a huge impact. They have already made appearances in Las Vegas with Paris Hilton and have shared a track with good friends and fellow electronica musicians Hyper Crush.

Chilling with LMFAO a few times and sitting in on their creative process, it’s easy to see that these guys are not only talented, but two very down to earth artists. So the fact of the matter is, are we ready for this group to be the spark of a new wave of sound?

Techno hip-hop isn’t a type of music that should be overpopulated, but for the genre, LMFAO should be at the top of the heap. Their catchy and new sound is something MTV would definitely eat up.

Not to mention LMFAO are the perfect faces to use. Their shows are highly energetic, with non-stop dancing and enough beats to keep you moving for the whole night.

So what will major labels think? With trademark eyeglasses that have no lenses, gold chains, afros and a configuration of clothing resembling the rainbow of colors found in a bag of Skittles, it’s easy to say they may not be taken seriously.

But LMFAO isn’t going for seriousness. They are down for having fun, playing and making their own music and living life as it is.

Since there will never be a shortage of labels, they’re sure to get picked up sooner rather than later. Their main objective is to have a good time, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

They’re motivated musicians who make music that means something to them. They make it solely for the people. Any student who enjoys a good night at a club will be intrigued by LMFAO and the sound they create.

When asked if they feel pressured by fans or genre labels, Redfoo and Sky Blu respond with a confident “no.” They feel more creative than pressured.

The group feels that when people like their music, they should simply make more of it. It’s an easy concept.

People like their jams, so LMFAO keep pumping out the jams. Why the genre of electronic hip-hop? According to Redfoo and Sky Blu, it’s the only genre they feel comfortable expressing themselves with.

Being in charge of everything helps, too. LMFAO make their own beats, loops, sounds, recordings – everything.

For them, making a beat is like creating an effect on a person. They want to know how it will make you feel, and with all their songs being upbeat and fun, it’s bound to get you energized.

LMFAO basically guarantee a good time.

LMFAO will perform Dec. 13 at the Derby in Los Feliz. For more information, visit