I wasn’t too familiar with opening act Jon McLaughlin, but I soon became very impressed. His voice was clear, and every song felt strong and true.

His jazz piano, pop rock style is reminiscent of Billy Joel and Ben Folds.

Everyone was on their toes as Kelly Clarkson appeared on stage in a red dress, just like on her album cover, and then the stage went black. When the lights came up, she broke into “Behind These Hazel Eyes” in black pants and an electric blue corset.

“Because of You” and “Be Still” (dedicated to her mother) were followed by a funky “Miss Independent” remixed with “Got a Whole Lot of Love.” The concert ended with “How I Feel,” “Can I Have This Kiss,” “Breakaway” and “Walk Away.”

The lights went down and the stage was empty, but the crowd called for more. Clarkson came out and almost blew the roof off the house with “Sober” and “Since You’ve Been Gone.”

The night was amazing! Clarkson is already a legend, and I would see McLaughlin again in a heartbeat.