One of the rare acts that gets better with each album, due in part to ace songwriter Daniel Johns at the helm, Silverchair has played a creative game of genre hopping, morphing from grunge to symphonic overtures to their ’70s glam-influenced new album Young Modern. Despite nearly slipping off of the face of the earth in past years, Silverchair continues to have a devoted fan base, and they were warmly received from first note.

Unleashing a blend of the vibrant new material mixed in with revamped versions of the old repertoire, the band ignited the stage. Most notable was a re-working of 1999’s anthem “Ana’s Song” in which Johns broke into a melancholic wailing interlude that felt like an exorcism. New songs were equally received with enthusiasm.

Older and wiser, the three Aussies now have the confidence they lacked in their early days, with Johns notably less miserable and falling playfully into the roll of charming eccentric; Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou stepping out of the shadows a bit, revealing more of their own personalities onstage.

Coerced back onto the stage by an enthusiastic audience happily crooning the opening tune from “If You Keep Losing Sleep,” Silverchair gave a sadly brief encore of “Freak,” leaving the audience wanting more. But isn’t that the mark of a truly great experience?