When most people think of a successful non-violent revolution, their thoughts immediately fall to Mahatma Gandhi. Fewer are those who are aware of the successful peaceful freedom struggle of the Estonians.

Occupied by both the Nazis and the Soviets, the Estonians suffered through genocide and deportations to the Gulag work camps. Bravely, they held onto their heritage and folk songs as a form of dissidence.

The Singing Revolution tells of how a musical festival can rouse the passions of a nation and pave the way for escape from tyranny. The Soviets had tanks, censorship and intimidation tactics, but they could not crush the spirit of so many united in pride and a quest for liberty.

Although it has its slow moments, and it seems more like a TV doc than a full feature film, the story behind The Singing Revolution is compelling and deserves to be told.

Grade: B

The Singing Revolution releases in select theaters Dec. 7.