Ho, ho, ho! With the holidays finally here, so is the pressing need to treat friends and loved ones. Keeping with the season’s spirit, I decided I’d save you some angst when picking gifts for the gamers in your life.

Stick with any of the following suggestions, and you’re guaranteed to brighten anybody’s one special day and eight crazy nights. And, presumably, kick Santa right in the proverbial sack.

Mom: Nothing says “I love you” like Nintendo’s Wii or dual-screened DS. Pair with family-friendly hits such as “Mario Party 8,” “Brain Age 2” or any “Petz” title to earn yourself a free “get-out-of-family-portrait” pass.

Dad: The old man’s always a tough sell, but any EA Sports title (see: “Madden NFL”/ “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08”) should tame pappy’s savage temper. Alternately, “Sim City Societies” will appeal to his inner control freak.

Sister/Brother: Happily, sibling rivalry’s a good thing in multiplayer faves like “Scene It?” and “Buzz! The Mega Quiz.” Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with “Super Mario Galaxy” or co-op-ready smash “LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga.”

Roommate: Musical sensations “Guitar Hero III” or “Rock Band” all the way, baby! That way, you won’t have trouble sharing the TV, or bashing their head in with a guitar controller when the leftover pizza goes missing.

Significant Other: Show how much you care with a copy of scrumptious diversion “Cooking Mama: Cook Off” or addictive puzzler “7 Wonders.” Otherwise, turn them on to the pleasures of online-only social scene “Second Life.”

Friend: Finger-blistering handheld hits “Contra 4” or “Nanostray 2” should prove to be super stocking stuffers based on sheer nostalgia value alone. Donating a spare “Call of Duty 4” or “Halo 3” couldn’t hurt either.

The Ex: Slip ’em disastrous dragon-riding simulation “Lair” or ass-tastic samurai outing “Kengo: Legend of the 9” and watch comedy ensue. Feeling especially cruel? Help put a down payment on the presently overpriced/hyped PlayStation 3.

Scott Steinberg is the author of free-to-download must-read Get Rich Playing Games, available at www.getrichgaming.com.