GLUE (Picture This!) Let’s just say ... for argument’s sake, that there might one day be a movie to meld the cool slackerdom of Y tu mamá también (2001) with the dysfunctional familial relations of Gas, Food, Lodging (1992). If such a film does exist, then it would have to be Glue.

Directed by Alexis Dos Santos, Glue tells the tale of Lucas – a South American, desert-dwelling teenager whose life is anything but suburban and idyllic. His parents’ strained relationship along with the awkwardness of growing up plague his everyday existence.

Luckily, he finds comfort and solace in his best friend, Nacho, as well as a cute dork named Andrea. Explorations into sexual orientation make this a hot and edgy coming of age film. But it’s the cast – Nahuel Perez Biscayart as Lucas, Nahuel Viale as Nacho and Ines Efron as Andrea – that makes this drama unforgettable.

Grade: A

Glue is currently available.