One-man-band Dean Wells, a.k.a. the Capstan Shafts, writes lo-fi, bedroom-produced indie-pop nuggets often shorter than TV commercials, with distorted guitar, goofy puns for song titles (“Right on the Malthus” and “Vegans and Meteors”) and stream-of-consciousness lyrics. Wells’ most evident influence is Robert Pollard of Guided by Voices: Wells paraphrases Pollard’s sub-basement obscurantism, Anglo-pop (they seem to share the same faux-Brit voice) and inoffensively hook-filled tunes.

Environ Maiden’s concise 29 tracks clock in at under 40 minutes, which gives some pieces an unfinished sheen. But beneath the under-production there’s notable presence. For every undeveloped idea, there are trenchant tunes like indie rocker “My Family Was Welsh, I’m Just Tired” and enigmatic foray “Oil Over Greenland!”

Grade: B

Environ Maiden is currently available.