If Satan and Jesus Christ could share a lollipop, the flavor would undoubtedly be Freezepop. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sexy, sometimes cheery, sometimes deliciously dark, Freezepop is a chameleon, switching from innocent, Barbie-inspired tween electro-pop to pulsating, vein-pumping, heart-racing, hyperactive electro madness.

Banking on their recent “Guitar Hero II” mass-appeal single “Less Talk More Rokk,” Freezepop returns with FutureFutureFuturePerfect, an aptly titled release that quite honestly predicts what may well be the soundtrack of a futuristic music scene: a strange yet enticing mesh of anthropomorphized, robot-sounding, synthetic-voiced droids armed with advanced electronic equipment who sound less like a Daft Punk rip-off, but more like Ladytron’s kid sister band.

Never the serious types, Freezepop manages to have some laughs, singing about private parts on “Do You Like My Wang?” and poking fun at themselves on “Afterparty.” Providing an entertaining first listen, the album soon grows dull and monotonous with little to offer except for the lovesick lullabies, “Thought Balloon” and “Swimming Pool,” and the more devilish, slightly danceable tracks, including “Pop Music Is Not a Crime” and “Brainpower.”

Grade: B-

FutureFutureFuturePerfect is currently available.