You may think that the only good time to be had in Los Angeles is playing “Mario Galaxy” on your Nintendo Wii. But trust us, there’s more to life than your four walls. Here’s a list of the best places to get acquainted with your outdoorsy side.


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Once upon a time, there was a man who stole the hearts of millions. He was a hero, a cowboy. He was Will Rogers. To get a full taste of all the fun things that this American treasure was about, why not visit his home?

Located in the sprawling Pacific Palisades, the structure has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places since 1971. Take a tour of its surrounding grounds or have fun engaging in equestrian activities like polo or horseback riding lessons.


4027 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City

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Swim with the fish and impress your best bud with how dope you look in a wet suit. EDC can take you from beginner status all the way up to instructor. They also teach courses in snorkeling ($50) and rescue diving ($245).


4316 Lanai Road, Encino

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Tucked away in near seclusion from the L.A. hustle and bustle is this relaxing campsite. Camp Mariastella prides itself on being a good place for girls to get back to nature. However, they also host camping amenities to the general public.


Sylmar Flight Park

12600 Gridley St., Sylmar

(818) 633-4668;

Membership into this organization will get anyone in love with the idea of flight fully ready for his or her big day (there is a one-time initiation fee of $100 plus a $60 annual fee).

Commitment-phobic? Don’t fret: daily rates at the flight park start at $5. Don’t let your dream of soaring into the great wide open pass you by.


855 N. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles

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Community College – it’s one of the finest untapped resources for trying on something new. Classes offered in the past have included a hiking excursion through the Santa Monica Mountains and courses in Astronomy for all you stargazers. Courses are incredibly inexpensive (many start at the $40 price range), and you don’t even need to be a full-time student to enjoy them.


480 Riverside Drive, Burbank

(818) 840-8401;

Located on the grounds of beautiful and scenic Griffith Park, you can make friends with a real life mustang while getting back at your mommy and daddy for not buying you that pony when you were little.

Trail rides start at $25 per hour. Try the ever-popular sunset dinner ride every night starting at 4:30p.m.


(323) 938-6179;

For all you masochists out there, I present to you the toughest pastime you’ll ever love. Marcella Kerwin – lieutenant of this outdoor exercise bonanza, promises to get you out of your office or stuffy classroom and under the blue skies for some knock down, drag-out body shaping.

Work on your fitness while firm guys and gals verbally whip you into submission and ultimately, into the exterior of your dreams.


14025 Panay Way, Marina del Rey

(310) 821-3433;

California Sailing Academy offers a litany of packages including UCLA Extension courses starting at $330 and basic certification for $295 (that’ll get you two private lessons and a month-long membership).



Picture this: you’re on an airplane. The thing goes down on some remote desert island. Everyone on board survives, but you know that if someone doesn’t step up and produce some food soon, Lord of the Flies is going to erupt. Learn about the indigenous plants that are edible in various terrains. It may sound crazy now, but trust me ... one day this could save your life.


If you haven’t seen the Brad Pitt classic A River Runs Through It, then I suggest you put it in your Netflix queue. Aside from Brad’s awesome good looks, the movie sheds light on a great American leisure activity: fly fishing.

Learn how to cast your line over blue water or trout streams. Instructor Jeff Priest will give you the low-down on the latest techniques and gear to make you a bass master.