I expected this to be somewhat of a rock n’ roll, heavy metal overtone, but it was quite the opposite. This album is something the whole family can enjoy. The first selection, “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Santa Claws and the Naught but Nice Orchestra, is quite the beginning to what one could imagine as a holiday parade background.

“Holiday,” “When I Come Around” and “Jesus of Suburbia” could be music where you might imagine people gift wrapping for the holiday.

This CD is a mixture of Green Day’s pop-punk sounds with holiday orchestra instrumentation. The best song on the CD is “Boulevard” because it’s not only the longest, but it doesn’t put you in such a relaxed mood that you will not want to get up after having a few plates of food.

Overall, Christmas Rock Records did a fantastic job of allowing Santa Claws and The Naughty but Nice Orchestra to put a fantastic touch on the holiday mood.

Grade: B

The Green Days of Christmas is currently available.