Wreck the halls with boughs of holly and in your best James Hetfield impression, “FA LA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA.” Though it’s safe to say that many have criticized Metallica for quote unquote “selling out,” the uproar would almost be infinite if the metal gods decided to make a Christmas album. Yuletide with Metallica would be much worse than getting haircuts. Luckily that’s not the case, as many of our favorite speed metal epics are compacted into Xmas instrumentals on …And Christmas For All! The Holiday Tribute to Metallica, all performed by the aptly named Santa Claws and the Naughty But Nice Orchestra.

Festive cheer (strings, bells and frolicking chimes) replace the monster riffs off “Fade to Black,” “One,” and “Master of Puppets,” resulting in bizarrely entertaining renditions that make you wonder of the possibility of Metallica conceiving a Christmas … wait, that’s unthinkable!

What’s unfathomable, however, is the omission of “Enter Sandman.” Nevertheless, the “WTF” enjoyment out of this compilation, especially around the fire with some friends drinking a bit of egg nog (with a bit of alcohollica perhaps?) is something not to pass up.

Grade: B

…And Christmas For All! The Holiday Tribute To Metallica is currently available.