Los Angeles should be grateful that Moving Units calls the City of Angels home. Without a doubt, Units remain one of the city’s funkiest, freshest and most innovative bands. With Hexes for Exes, they have taken a new approach to their indie dance-rock roots and added a more mature-sounding feel to their onetime party-boy antics.

Almost completely dropping the dance-party, body-moving rhythms of their debut album, Dangerous Dreams, the recently turned quartet, with freshly added guitarist Victor Velazquez, has made drastic changes, most notably the much-needed introduction of electronic drums, programming and synthesizers, which until now have proven to be the missing elements of the band and completely dominate and elevate the album, all the while expanding the band’s talent potential and musical range. Perfectly fitting their style, it’s shocking that the Units waited so long to add these instruments to their sound.

Right off the bat, Hexes kicks off with a string of nonstop, must-have Units tunes, the first five tracks essentially setting the backbone and tone of the album.

Something is definitely up with lyricist/frontman Blake Miller. Perhaps it’s a broken heart or a recent love gone awry, but his new lyrics are jam packed with simultaneous emotional outcries of pain/sorrow and jovial anxiety. Moving Units is housing a burning aspiration, waiting to unfold at its fullest potential.

Grade: A+

Hexes for Exes is currently available.