What a rock ’n’ roll treat to see the Cult live at the Wiltern after a small hiatus. Ian Astbury has one of the most well-known and unique voices in hard rock, accompanied by guitarist Billy Duffy’s electric riffs and solos. Fans were privy to a legendary combination of artists. Born into This, were offered, including “Dirty Little Rockstar,” “I Assassin,” “Holy Mountain” and the title track.

The new stuff went over well with the crowd. But when Duffy boasted, “Your night is about to get a lot better,” and jumped into “Wildflower,” all bets were off and the roof of the Wiltern seemed to disseminate over jumping bodies.

The band’s energy was youthful and free, as they attacked such hits as “Fire Woman,” “Love Removal Machine” and the ultimate tearjerker, “Edie (Ciao Baby).” We could have done without Astbury’s sermon on the spiritual recession in America, but he wasn’t preaching any particular religion or politic.

The Cult knocks it out hardcore, and still has the edge over the 20-year-old rockstar wannabes of America. I agree that there is a recession in America, but it’s due to the lack of good, new hard rock.

We must work on the Rock Recession first and foremost! Good thing the Cult still provides!