My boyfriend is in a local band. What bothers me is that girls who are fans of his band are always coming up to him and flirting, sometimes right in front of me! I know it’s part of him being in a band, but I often get jealous and hurt. How do I handle all this?

—Danielle, Northridge

Chris Jay, AOF:
YOU shouldn’t do anything. HE should dump you before you ruin a perfectly good band.

Kai Dodson, AOF: That’s the price you pay for dating a guy in a band. Try a law student or a plumber.

Aaron Goldberg, AOF: Well Yoko, I mean Courtney, I mean Danielle ... how ’bout getting a hobby?

Owen Bucey, AOF: Stop whining.

Love Doc: Get used to it or break up with him. This is his life and his job! If you’re not secure enough to handle it, then don’t date musicians or any good looking guys because they’ll always be getting attention from the ladies. Just be happy that you get to go home and jump in the sack with him.

I’m with a guy that I love very much. My problem is that whenever he’s going through a stressful time, he takes it out on me. He starts blaming me for problems in his life and starts saying mean things to me. I’m not sure if I can take much more of this. What should I do?

—Daria, Los Angeles

Dan Clark, AOF:
Shave off his eyebrows in his sleep. That’ll teach him.

Kai: That’s a good start, but I’d go with something more extreme – I’m thinking fireworks, duct tape and his genitals!

Aaron: Break up with him and e-mail me.

Owen: My advice is ... stop whining.

Love Doc: He needs therapy or anger management. Stay out of his way and don’t give him any sharp objects.

I have this habit of meeting girls, falling for them hard, then moving on once things between us get serious. I get bored with relationships quickly and can’t seem to stay with someone for more than three months. Is there something wrong with me?

—Jeff, Tujunga


Kai: Pimping ain’t easy Jeff.

Dan: Let me get this right? You think you have a problem ’cause you’re hooking up with chicks?

Owen: Now this is a real problem. After giving it serious thought – stop whining!

Love Doc: At this point, whatever I’m going to say isn’t really going to matter. Just use a lot of prophylactics.

—Compiled by Mari Fong

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