As long as noted beauty Carmen Electra was going to put out a series of Aerobic Striptease DVDs, why not have it in Vegas? Carmen and her two less-hot backup dancers walk the viewer through an aerobic routine that comes off more like club dancing than actual striptease.

Men looking for a cheap thrill should look elsewhere as this video is devoid of stripping or, for that matter, anything Vegas. Men and women looking to sweat their way into shape, however, will have tons of fun with the routine.

The DVD is short for the price – clocking in at half an hour. Some bonus interviews were added but, really, that’s not much of a feature as a warm-up routine or a music selection, neither of which are on the DVD. Still, the workout is approachable while still challenging and, most important, fun.

Grade: B+

Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease: Vegas Strip is currently available.