From his days as a founding member of the gangster rap group N.W.A. to his current incarnation as a movie mogul, Ice Cube has crafted a brilliant career. After producing the family-friendly Are We Done Yet?, the sequel to Are We There Yet?, Cube gives us First Sunday, a flick riddled with childish adult humor.

Cube has mastered the art of using an ordinary setting as the backdrop for his quotidian comedies. Take Barbershop and Barbershop 2 (and Beauty Shop, too), all prime places for hilarity to ensue. This time he uses another popular – and predictable – spot, the church.

Here, Cube once again plays the straight man, this time to Tracy Morgan’s ne’er-do-well fool. Morgan plays his part to perfection. Not only have the partners in crime botched the sale of pimped out wheelchairs for a local crime boss, now Cube needs a crap load of money to fork over to his baby mama so she won’t leave town with his son.

Actually, the most touching part of this intentionally ridiculous flick occurs when Cube has a heart to heart with his boy one morning on the way to the bus.

“What’s your Plan B?” Ice Cube asks his son after he confesses he wants to be a pro basketball player.

“I want to be just like you,” he replies.

“I want you to be better than me,” Cube answers back.

The comedian who elicits the loudest laughs in First Sunday is Katt Williams. In his trademark flamboyant and sarcastic style he delivers rebuttals and disses that keep the movie afloat.

Though the film suffers from too many cliché characters and cringe-worthy dialogue, it’s hard to hate on Ice Cube – for what he’s accomplished and will continue to do in the future, hopefully, just a little bit better.

Grade: B-

First Sunday releases in theaters Jan. 11.