I closed my eyes really tightly for a second and felt it – Bob Marley was in da house! During Slightly Stoopid, Marley was definitely watching and smiling from afar. As Toots and the Maytals took the stage, he was certainly working his way through the crowd, gravitating toward what he knew were good vibrations. By the time his beloved sons Ziggy, Julian, Stephen and Damian entered the scene, there was no doubt that Bob was alongside each and every one of them – dredies in full effect, swaying from side to side in approval of his kin.

The Greek Theatre was filled with all kinds of colorful people, which proved to me that music is our most effective ambassador of love and unity. The entire evening left me feeling too blessed to be stressed, with atmosphere as sweet as a summer afternoon in Kingston.

With or without the fattie pinched in between your middle finger and thumb, this show was off the hinges. But according to the frequent puffs of smoke blown in the air, I’d say most of the crowd had this luxury pinched quite tightly.

And to the entire lineup of the Roots Rock Reggae Festival: My thank you letters are in the mail. Y’all came correct and did the audience right.