Day Zero is a compelling story ordered through the eyes of three friends who are drafted into the war on Iraq and told to report for duty in 30 days. Set in New York City, the film centers around the three pals (played by Elijah Wood, Chris Klein and Jon Bernthal) and their separate life journeys before leaving to fight.

Aaron (Wood) is a novelist who feels he’s unprepared to leave in 30 days, and so he makes a to-do list before he goes of everything he hasn’t experienced yet. George (Klein) is a corporate lawyer who wants to stay with his wife (Ginnifer Goodwin), who has just beat cancer. He does not support the war.

Finally, Dixon (Berthal) is so ready to go to war that even when he meets a sociology student (Elisabeth Moss) and falls in love, his perspective doesn’t change. As the 30 days get closer the three have to make their decisions about going to war.

All three actors do a wonderful job of portraying complex characters who demonstrate how this war emotionally affects them. Day Zero invites you into the minds of men who are drafted to fight and helps you to understand how this subject affects everyone.

Grade: A

Day Zero releases in select theaters Jan. 18.