Sia’s new solo project, Some People Have Real Problems, is an amalgamation of delicate lullaby-like sounds coupled with divergent lyrics about not-so delicate, adult-sized pain. Unlike her dramatic “Breathe Me” and sexy Zero 7 endeavors, this album offers the stark contrast of innocence and experience found in the marriage of sound and ethereal voice that is Sia.

The album’s cover alone suggests innocence in a childlike, Crayola marker-inspired way. Perhaps back to the age before you knew adult pain (and pleasure for that matter).

“Lentil” takes you back, blending lullaby twinkles and contrasting lyrical prose that pleads forgiveness for letting someone down. “The Girl You Lost to Cocaine” is an upbeat steering-wheel jam session that confirms the album’s title that in fact, “some people do have real problems.”

If you experience those problems or not, Sia offers reprieve with soft sounding yet hard-hitting lyrics that exude inspiration from childhood and the adult life that shatters the Crayola concoctions under the magnet on your fridge.

Grade: B+

Some People Have Real Problems is currently available.