The only complaint that I have about the O.A.R./Guster Show at the Greek Theatre is that it was too short. Both of these bands are the sort that need time to relax into their sets, jam out on their songs, and not be limited by curfew or a bill laden with too many other acts.

The band that I was most excited to see – country jam all-stars O.A.R. (AKA Of a Revolution) – played only seven songs, as opposed to their usual 15- to 16-song set list. The band closed with their signature "That Was a Crazy Game of Poker," a wandering song that is part sing-along, which eventually devolves into scatting and freestyle rhyming by frontman Marc Roberge. This song never disappoints, even as curtailed as it felt in the band’s short set.

The night wouldn’t have been complete without the musical stylings of acoustic trio Guster and their relaxed style of fun, upbeat tunes. Guster blew open the mainstream last year with the hit "Amsterdam," but fans know them as jokers on stage, more concerned with the way a song feels than the way they look performing it. The familiar and affable style of both their acoustic guitarists’ shines through, even in a venue as large as the Greek.

The other aspect of Guster that can’t be ignored is the band’s ability to craft a song with catchy, infectious harmonies and hooks. They change these up live – the cherry on top of a sweet acoustic cake.

Alex Carpenter