Apparent from the start of this record, a bluesed-down version of “Theme from New York, New York,” is that Chan Marshall’s grown sophisticated since her first covers record in 2000. Eight years ago, her easy and elegant covers were actually sad and slight, making “Satisfaction” difficult to tell apart from “Salty Dog.”

Today she’s in finest form, backed by a full band for an upbeat go at ’60s R&B (“Aretha, Sing One for Me”) and heartbreaking ballads delivered with absolute authenticity (James Brown’s “Lost Someone”). Cat Power original “Song to Bobby” mimics the folk ballad method of Bob Dylan in tribute, but it’s the slow, smoky “Don’t Explain” and stripped down “Silver Stallion” that highlight Marshall’s real talent as a singer.

She’s got a classic rasp that adapts beautifully to the blues whatever the pace, and this record, a perfect sequel to The Greatest, is already looking like the year’s best.

Grade: A

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