“On My Way” introduces William Wisely, Jr. striving to be the songwriter of the ’70s, a post-Beatles McCartney, perhaps, offering nothing innovative, instead bland vocals over mid-tempo songs balanced by keyboard melodies.

You want to like him because he seems like such a nice guy, dedicating the record to his new son Winston, keeping the peace over assonance and well-intended but mild lyrics about love (refer to “Don’t want to die before I touch you in the desert tonight,” from the suggestively titled “It’s Gonna Be Beautiful,” or “I’ve got a love song on my mind/your beauty drips from every line,” from “I’ll Be Singing”).

Assuming it’s his lyrics and not the music which passively carries them that Wisely intends as the focal point here, it’s fair to say that there are a couple of sweetly-penned lines within; in particular, the poetry that partially fills “Through Any Window” (“Sunlight kiss me on my head of gloom in early morning/Glide across the bed then fade at noon through any window/in early morning”), though even this is followed by the cheesy “Blue is the memory of her bedroom eyes.”

Alas, this is only nearly as embarrassing as the cringe-worthy soft rock earlier on that balances a chorus like “Tonight we’re gonna make love/and it’s gonna be beautiful ... yeah!” Allowing for brutal honesty, Wisely is the songwriter whose music makes girls pray that they never have to act as anyone’s muse.

Grade: C-

Wisely is currently available.