The Fountain, available in trade paperback, is a beautiful companion piece to the film of the same name by Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream). The novel is complete with stunning and evocative paintings by Eisner-nominee Kent Williams.

The story is a metaphysical exploration of the search for immortality throughout time as one man – appearing simultaneously as a 16th Century conquistador, a present-day research scientist and a future explorer – races to find the Tree of Life and save his dying love.

Originally conceived as a graphic novel after Aronofsky’s film plans got derailed, the book, now billed as “the ultimate director’s cut,” serves as a gorgeous, oversized sister work in which each panel can be contemplated. It will be of interest to devotees of the film, as well as for graphic novel enthusiasts.

Grade: A-

The Fountain is currently available.