The mind is troubled when trying to picture a theatrical version of the ’90s cult classic Point Break. You remember the surfer action film with Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze jumping out of airplanes and catching killer waves? It all sounds like a big joke and, well, that’s what it is.

Playing every Friday and Saturday night, “Point Break Live!” has kept audiences in stitches even while they’re pelted with a variety of liquid substances throughout the two hours. Chief among the show’s virtues is the unique manner by which the audience becomes involved in the drama.

From the very beginning, the crowd is asked to select by applause the person to play the part of Johnny Utah (Reeves) from any number of hopefuls who volunteer themselves. This bit of audience participation is useful in loosening ’em up for what proves to be a raucous and joyous evening.

The actors themselves, a stellar bunch, appear to be having so much fun it’s hard to contain a consistent chuckle from all the madness that proceeds. Actress Christi Waldon, playing the part of a spirited production assistant, inspires an atmosphere of fun and good cheer by the physical exuberance of her presence onstage.

Tobias Jelinek in the role of Bodhi bleeds brilliant comic material from his character’s propensity for deep philosophical moments. Thomas Blake in the role of the very rowdy Roach is sheer comedy as he sweats and curses himself across the stage with his compadres of the wave.

“Point Break Live!” is a very funny show, chock-full of creative surprises and good old-fashioned silliness.

Charlie O’s at The Alexandria Hotel is located at 501 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles. Tickets: $20. For more information, call (866) 811-4111 or visit