This is the debut recording for Keith, and it is an impressive display of her talents. The effort is polished up nicely, sounding far more professional than what you would expect from a 22-year-old songbird.

Keith devotes most of the album to a mature pop sound, starting with the jazzy, relaxed title tune. “Beautiful Distraction” is an amazing example of Keith’s vocal prowess; she sings to a lover in a tone that slips effortlessly from silk to smoke, perfectly evoking the lust and love generated in a passionate relationship.

The rest of the album is about loss and love too, and Keith looks specifically at both sides of that coin with back-to-back cuts “The Angry Song” and the exceptionally peppy “Happy Girl.” Towards the middle of the album Keith changes her inflection from pop to country for a minute and shows that she can hold her own with the Faith Hills of the world with the twangy “Make You Mine.”

This Orange County-based talent has been racking up the accolades and with one listen of Beautiful Distraction it’s easy to hear why.

Grade: A

Beautiful Distraction is currently available.