You might expect a collection of Latin reggae music to feature lots of artists from places like Puerto Rico. That island’s Cultura Profetica checks in here with “Reggae Rustico” but otherwise the sunny Caribbean is not represented.

It just goes to show you that reggae truly is world-beat music as fully half of the artists here come from half a world away, Spain. That country’s Muchachito Bombo Infierno tunes into a classic reggae bounce with the “Stir it Up”-like “Conversaciones Incompatibles” while their countrymen Black Gandhi prefer a deep Rastaman groove, highlighting the smoky rhythm of “Pateras” with the scratching guitar technique that is a mainstay of the reggae sound.

Also representing are bands from Argentina, Chile and one American act, Ticklah. Sarazino, a multicultural outfit with group members hailing from Ecuador, Canada and Algeria close out this lively set with “Desbaratado,” a loping dub track driven by insistent organ that’s sung in multiple languages.

Latin Reggae makes for a nice addition to any reggae enthusiast’s collection.

Grade: A Putumayo Presents: Latin Reggae is currently available.