Documentary filmmakers wanting to give awareness to social issues are now given the chance to do so beginning Feb. 5, thanks to the Tribeca Film Institute and Gucci. The well-known film institute and luxury brand launched the Gucci Tribeca Documentary Fund, which will allocate funds to those wanting to complete a documentary promoting social change and give notice to social issues that are not necessarily covered by mainstream media.

At least three socially conscious filmmakers have the opportunity to receive a combined $80,000 worth of grants administered by the Tribeca Film Institute to help publicize the global issues covered in their documentaries. Each winner will receive $5,000 to $30,000. In order to be considered, those who wish to submit their documentary, which is allowed to be in either production or post-production, must accompany it with a proposal postmarked by April 11.

The Tribeca Film Institute is no stranger to bringing global awareness of social issues to the forefront. Many programs have spun from the Institute, including Tribeca All Access, Tribeca Talks and Tribeca Teaches, all of which have allowed filmmakers to not only entertain audiences but educate them as well.

And who knew that luxury label Gucci would be interested in a worthy cause like promoting social change? Yes, it is true, and the brand, which is known for its pricey leather accessories, watches and sunglasses, has reached out to Mexican filmmakers as well. In Feb. 2007, Gucci partnered up with the Ambulante Film Festival and provided its first documentary film grant.

The Tribeca Film Institute, Gucci and a selected committee of documentary filmmakers will select the finalists in the summer of 2008. Films chosen will be eligible for premiere in 2009.

Submissions open Feb. 5 and must be postmarked by April 11. For more information, visit