Picture yourself on a tropical desert island. A cold drink in your hand, warm sand between your toes and a cool breeze against your face … until you realize that this isn’t paradise, this is "Survivor," baby!

The reality of CBS’s hottest reality series, "Survivor," is that life on a tropical island isn’t always paradise. The game of "Survivor" is as follows: Take a group of ordinary strangers, stick them in a primitive location with nothing but the clothes on their backs, their wits, and one luxury item from home, and have them compete in mental and physical challenges. Each week, one is cast off (or as host Jeff Probst ceremoniously says, "the tribe has spoken") with the sole survivor winning a nifty $1 million.

Not just any "Survivor" DVD set, this one ups the ante by bringing the best of the best back to "outwit, outplay and outlast" for the all-star series. Who can forget Richard Hatch who welcomed viewers to "Survivor Borneo’s" first season by flagrantly stripping, without even a fig leaf to cover his bare essentials? Or Jerri Manthey, the "bitch" from "Survivor Outback" who accused Kel Gleason of hiding and then eating some smuggled beef jerky? Or sweet-natured soccer player Ethan Zohn who triumphed among blistering heat and elephant dung to win "Survivor Africa?"

The gang’s all here – Richard, Jerri, Ethan, Colby, Shii Ann, Rupert and more – with the Pearl Islands in Panama serving as the backdrop, going to the extreme for another chance to win big money. See contestant Sue Hawk accuse a naked Richard Hatch of sexual harassment during a tribal challenge, contestants Lex Van Den Berghe and Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien cry like babies when Boston Rob Mariano stabs them in the back. Finally, see love blossom between Boston Rob and Amber Brkich, resulting in a surprising finale.

Although previous seasons of "Survivor" notably provided fewer luxuries – and therefore more juicy drama – for viewers’ entertainment, "Survivor All-Stars" is a fun view, bringing colorful characters together for one unusual competition. Bonus featurettes include "Casting the Castaways," the original audition tapes of the all-stars; exclusive interviews of all 18 contestants, and even a short video collage, documenting the best moments of the previous eight seasons.

Grade: B+