Of all the reasons you might not like the TV series “Weird Science,” the least of which should be having missed John Hughes’ low-brow classic film of the same name. The series takes the characters – nerds Gary and Wyatt and their computer-born super hot genie Lisa – and places them into the inoffensive ’90s sitcom format.

Each episode follows the course of a wish and the life lessons the boys learn when the wish inevitably goes wrong. In small doses, the series is fun, but the nerds’ endless quest for dates can get a bit tedious.

Fans of the series will find joy in the DVDs, however. Several episodes have commentary and even a trivia quiz. The last disc also contains cast biographies, some of which have arguably ended better than the original film’s stars.

Grade: C-

Weird Science: The Complete Seasons 1 & 2 is currently available.