We’ve all heard of selling out shows, but parking too? If ever there was a day to be on time this was it. Thousands of hip-hop fans from all corners of the U.S. came out to see Lupe Fiasco rock the House, of Blues that is.

On the way in the HOB I spotted Lupe cruisin’ in the back way; the drunken’ “Hey Lupe!” calls began to chime as he passed. Once inside and warming up, I was able to see the massive amount of people who showed up for the event.

It wasn’t just “skaters” or “sneaker heads,” but everybody. I mean I saw a dude with a Metallica shirt on. That just goes to show how universal Lupe has become.

After about 15 minutes Lu came out, and like the showman he is, the curtains opened to reveal him with back turned to the audience. They say Johnny Cash is the man in black, but they must have never seen Lupe before.

Black Gucci scarf, black leather pants, black blazer, black tie; I mean dude was on his high fashion Ninja shit tonight. Not only was Lupe fly, but the background singers, Gemstone and Sarah, were on their game also.

“Y’all remember the first time we met, the first time we laid eyes on each other,” said Lupe to the crowd.

The fans came to see a dope show, but left going on a 24-song journey. Like the stages of his life, we were taken on a ride with early Lu songs like Kanye West’s “Touch the Sky,” “Pressure” (produced by now departed Prolyfic) and the skateboarder anthem “Kick Push,” which he spit a capella.

Lupe left the stage just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, only to return with 12 more songs of fury; this time, with cuts off his new album, The Cool. The crowd rapped along to “Hi-Definition,” “Hip-Hop Saved My Life” and the fan anthem “Superstar,” which Matthew Santos joined him on stage for.

The finale of the show was ridiculous. Lu ended with a freestyle in which he hinted at a CRS (Child Rebel Soldiers with Kanye and Pharrell) album in April. After leaving the show I can honestly say, “I went to the Lupe Fiasco Show, and I had an amazing time, and it was blazin’, riiight, dang Lupe done changed my life.”