It’s Valentine’s Day: The sex part of the celebration you have down pat, but it’s the pre-date portion of the festivities that have you perplexed. Sure, there are a lot of possible ways to cherish the one you love on Feb. 14, and now we’ve come up with a helpful guide to get you through the day of chocolates, greeting cards and sappy love songs on any budget.


Boule Pastry Shop (420 N. La Cienega, West Hollywood) $20 on V-day will get you a nice sampling: a passion fruit mousse cake ($6.50) or an Earl Grey tea cake ($6.50) and two cups of coffee.

Temple Bar (1026 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica) With its luscious and sensual Asian-inspired setting, Temple Bar is a great untapped resource for romance. The throbbing world music beats, eclectic menu and exotic atmosphere will make Valentine’s truly memorable.

Westside Eclectic (1323 A 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica) A recent poll stated that besides looks, sense of humor tops the list of most-cherished characteristics in a potential mate. A night of comedy starts at $5 a head.

Sexy Scavenger Hunt For the couple that loves to play games, there’s nothing cooler than a relationship scavenger hunt. Plant a slew of heartfelt trinkets like a single red rose or a book of erotic stories in special locations. Then give your lover a list of their treats with clues like, “You'll find this item in the place where we had our first kiss.”

Silver Lake Lounge (2906 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles) Check out acts like the Entrance Band and Dionysus. Then get hot and bothered while enjoying the iambic pentameter of love poems – according to the Lounge’s Web site, they’ll be read frequently throughout the evening.


Sweethearts Film Fest Rent a trio of sexy videos and have a Valentine’s film festival. Titles like The Dreamers, Say Anything and Something New will inspire love and maybe even some heavy making out.

Bond Over Music Get back to basics with that time-honored tradition – the mix CD. Spend hours with your cutie rocking out to the jams that brought you together in the first place.

Love Coupons Make creative IOUs like, “I owe you a foot massage.” You can even demand naughty treats for yourself like, “Kiss me ’til my face melts.” Or simply go to and print out a page of them, ready-made.

A Little Slice of Heaven allows regular earth-dwellers to immortalize loved ones by naming a star after them. For $19.95, you can rest assured that your snooky-wookums is shining brightly above. Soon after, a star certificate is e-mailed to you.


T-Shirt Deli ( Mark your territory by placing a declaration of affection or intent across the chest of the one you love. Prices range from $15 to $41, plus $1 per letter.

For all you swingers out there, try L.A. and O.C.’s finest exotic dancers will come to your destination and put on a great show for you and yours. Send your guy or gal an ol’ fashioned strip-o-gram. Or if you’re really daring, employ a private dancer for a one, two or three-person show. Prices start at $100.

Couples Sensual Massage, Whole Person Healing ( Massage guru Evan Sarver will teach you and your honey how to love up on each other with skilled fingertips. Couples sensual or tantric massage lessons start at $200 per hour.