When it comes to beautiful eyebrows, celebrities Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey and Cindy Crawford count on eyebrow guru Eliza Petrescu to shape their brows for red-carpet perfection. Here are some DIY tips for perfect eyebrows:


The major mistake we make is to over pluck. “Your eyes will look smaller, your nose bigger, and you’ll have no arch,” says Petrescu. She recommends seeking a pro for advice on the right shape for you.


Waxing is the best way to go and is all about creating a “look.” But don’t forget tip No. 1: Turn to a pro! You can tweeze for maintenance, but she strongly advises to never tweeze the top of your eyebrow: that’s fuzz that needs to be professionally waxed.


All you need is a good eyebrow pencil, a brush and a great gel. “If you really don’t know what to do, just brush them [parallel] and apply gel, and you will be 50-percent better than tweezing and not knowing what you’re doing,” she says.


All eyebrows need to be filled in. Choose skinny pencils to create a refined look and chunky pencils for a powdery, softer look.


Use a blonde pencil for very light to medium skin tones and dark brown for olive skin. For a sexier look, she suggests to “use a darker shade of pencil so they stand out more. If you’re at the beach, don’t use any pencil; just use brow gel to have them shaped properly.”


“I don’t follow trends,” Petrescu says. “Eyebrows are like DNA; we all have our own.” The essential rule to remember is that doing less is definitely more, she advises.

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