Bursting at the seams with crotch-grabbing guitar riffs and half-assed lyrics, Alive & Amplified finds NYC’s other tragically hip ensemble, The Mooney Suzuki, in attempt to recapture the liveliness of their previous release, Electric Sweat. Apparent in their latest release is the ’70s garage-rock imprint of The Stooges and tongue-in-cheeked into Trans-Am anthems, all of which could easily be used to hock Nissans if not for the "Loose ’n’ Juicy/Shake That Bush Again" tinge.

Initially, Alive & Amplified comes off as a misappropriation of 40 minutes, yet after further listening it’s hard to deny its captivating foundation. "Legal High" and "New York Girls" take on the expected guitar-driven celebrity, juxtaposed with classic rock riffs with the occasional reminder of just how horny they are.

"Primitive Condition" and the title track "Alive and Amplified" provide much of the same raucous and infectious energy. Also included within an album of enthralling two-minute blitzkriegs lies the melodic "Sometimes Somethin," an out-of-place yet fascinating song in an album of juiced-up crescendos.

Alive & Amplified stands on its own as a throwback to the glory days of rock ’n’ roll. With the unfair comparisons to The Strokes subsided, The Mooney Suzuki’s latest album provides proof of their own unique sound.

Grade: B