It takes work to make a 77-minute long Flash cartoon in which the animation isn’t the worst part. National Lampoon’s Jake’s Booty Call follows Jake – the star of the cult Internet series Booty Call – as he tries to help his new, princely pal Siton lose his virginity.

And, yes, there is cartoon porn. Flat, awkward, cartoon porn.

Siton and his family’s horrible double-entendre-filled names aside, the worst part of this movie is listening to Jake spout out his mix of insulting come-ons and white-boy street slang. Upon hearing the lame lines, the girls swoon, sleep with him and are quickly forgotten as he heads to the next town. There’s a plot somewhere about Siton’s evil brother, but it’s really not worth mentioning.

Assuming you still want more, the DVD also includes scenes so bad they were never finished and a non-interactive video harem of fully clothed characters from the movie.

Grade: F

Jake’s Booty Call is currently available.